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So, this is just something I wrote while listening to 'Run' and " 'Butterfly' I hope you like it!
CHAPTER 1 They were all asleep, accept for one. Namjoon sat in the kitchen, all alone. He was looking over some papers, he looked very disappointed. He brushed his hand through his shiny silver hair. The cereal he had been munching on had turned to a mush like substance. "Namjoon, why are you up so early?" Jin had came out of his room, still half asleep, so his voice still raspy. "Ah, did I wake you, Jin? I'm sorry, I'll clean up my mess and-" Jin had placed his hand on Namjoon's sholder. "Anniyo, something just came over my mind and I... well I woke up." He smiled as his plump lips formed a smile. Namjoon sighed as he placed his head on the table. "I'm sorry Jin, I'm just worried... about everyone and everything thing. We just all need a break." Jin had started rubbing Namjoon's back, "You sure you're alright? You seem totally out of it." Namjoon stood up and looked into Jin's eyes. He let out a shaky sigh as he hugged Jin. Jin was a little shocked when Namjoon had hugged, but he had returned the favor and hugged him tight, "Let's just all run away. It's better than staying at this place. Namjoon smiled then laughed, "Yeah, that sounds good."
So, was that good? Should I make more? I haven't really thought about how the whole story is going to progress, but tell me if it's good!!
definitely make more :) the story was great
I love it#
AWW!!! Please write more!! I'm prepared for the feels. (But don't leave the boys. They will most likely try to blow the house up if you leave.)