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Wearing high heels is a b*tch. If anyone is like me, you rather wear sneakers all day everyday. Heels are pretty, but your feet just wont allow you to wear them. It's like walking on knives and you're just not a heel walker...

You Avoid Going To The Club

Going to a really nice club is kinda out of the picture because it usually comes with a dress code, which means sneakers on women are not allowed. It looks like you're going to the divebar tonight instead.

You Wear Flats At Your Own Wedding

Nobody is going to see your feet anyway. Your dress is so long and glamorous, the heels just don't matter. Besides, comfort is important.

Feet So Numb, You Can't Feel Your Footsteps

You don't know which one you're feeling: numbness or pain. All you know is that your feet are no longer working and you can't walk for shit.

When People Say Heels Are Comfortable

Have you tried sneakers?
Or walking barefoot, maybe?

You Half Inch Heel Is Your Go To

Me wearing heels? Look at my impressive half inch heels. ;)

How Is It Even Possible To Wear High Heels?!


It's A Love You'll Never Get To Have....

Heels are great to look at, but you've come to terms that you'll never been able to walk like a glamour queen in them.
Ask BTS' Taehyung to teach you how to wear heels. He wears them pretty well 😂😂😂
I love heels and people don't really fall on them hardly unless they're stilettos 😂which if you notice every high heels in the videos are stilettos .
wearing heel make you feel sexy.. I had once when i'm still single and on my wedding day. but then I put on weight, got child bla I'm wearing sandal☺ if you can't hide your pain don't wear it..aha
@Jinki5 yea,but not spikes and definitely not so high. I'd rock those men heals!
I feel like I need to go to heel school or something to put those bad boys on... @alywoah
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