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PSY SONG SHOWDOWN : Daddy vs. Gangam Style (VOTE)


Legendary KPOP Artist PSY has just blasted the world with another addicting hit as a rival to his first MEGA hit, "Gangnam Style". Though even PSY doesn't believe "Daddy" will be nearly as successful as "Gangnam Style", it's worth a shot. There's no doubt that this will be another successful song for radios in multiple countries. It's just a matter of how successful.
Gangnam Style alone has garnered almost 2.5 BILLION views on YouTube, the most successful video on the site EVER. However, so far, "Daddy" has shown strong potential online accumulating almost 8 million views in just a little over a day. PSY is known to be flashy and attractive musically to all kinds of audiences across the globe.
So this is the time to shine my fellow Vinglers! Below I have listed both of the KPOP hits to give you the opportunity to find your favorite tune. In the comments below, name your favorite PSY hit and a reason why! Is it DADDY? Is it GANGNAM STYLE!



Gangnam Style

Which one is your favorite?! Comment down below! Give some reasons as well to convince your fellow Vinglers which song is by far superior! Let the showdown begin!

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Daddy has become my favorite song as of now lol and the video..! Oh my gosh! I loved how the boy "killed" girls with his fake gun and winking. 馃槏馃槅馃槀
2 years agoReply
@CreeTheOtaku I did Choke lol.
2 years agoReply
omg daddy is a grt song but am glad that he still kept his mo
2 years agoReply
ha-ha it is so funny,,
2 years agoReply
@lawtont That's what I thought about Daddy. Gangnam is better but I'm tired of it.
2 years agoReply