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For every BigBang fans... I know you are all excited and want to see if they win every award they are nominated (5awards)
Well i got the link to watch the MAMA Awards live and even chat live!! OMG!!!
Make sure your free and have full of snacks!!! Its time to enjoy and im actually excited for my boys and hopefully they get all the awards 😎💋 Link is below and the hours!!! Enjoy my loves❤️
2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards Live Broadcast Live Chat Notice On 2015 Dec. 2, 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards will be broadcasted live at the official website( ) . Along with live broadcast, we will be providing live chat service for global K-pop fans to communicate in real time. Come and participate! Live Broadcast Schedule (KST) > - 2015 Dec 2 6:00PM ~ 8:00PM : Red Carpet - 2015 Dec 2 8:00PM ~ 24:00 : MAMA Awards
Yup got it! @BBxGD
@VeronicaOrtiz awsome!!! Enjoy girl. Cuz i know i am 😍
@VeronicaOrtiz ur welcome but remember that time is korean... So if ur estrn time then thats 4am