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I have a major suggestion for Seventeen's next MV!!!!!!!!!!!!
They should do some kind of contest for fans that if they win, they get to hang out with one of the SEVENTEEN members for two days or so.
Pretty much like a date kind of thing. The member will have to fly out to the winner/or we fly out to them and they go on a date. Each member does this and someone comes with them to film the "date". Every "date" video gets edited together for the MV, and have a few spots where the guys are by themselves singing, or singing to the girl/fan.
I suggest this highly...... and I volunteer as tribute to be Jeonghan's date :3
So what you're saying want to kill Seventeen fans lol Cause lord knows if i was given that prize I would have a heart attack on the spot! hahahahhaha
@btsgotshinee I know xD that's why it's just a suggestion
Thus is a great idea! Never going to happen.....wish it did.
I love how I put thus instead of this.....馃様
@kpopandkimchi not exactly....... but oh well xD I wouldn't die...... I would most likely just jump on Jeonghan's back and make him give me piggy back rides.... though I doubt he is strong enough to lift me, I doubt any of them are to be perfectly honest xD