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Let's get ready now. WELCOME my Otakus, gamers & weaboos. Today we will figure out who'll win this match. Please like & comment.
MIKOTO SUOH : For those who don't know about Mikoto Suoh, his aura can take out a whole village. He has good fighting skills, similar like street fighting. Abilities Red Aura - His Aura can cause break threw items and it can burn the enemy. Flame Aura Slash - A wave of the Aura is ejected and sent towards a great distance at a relatively high speed.
NATSU DRAGNEEL: He can consume fire and his fire techniques is well skilled. His fighting skills is most likely using fire with is hands just like Mikoto Abilities Fire Dragon Slayer's Magic. Fire Dragon's Claws Dragon Slayer's Secret Art. etc.
If I didn't add anything. put your evidence for the character. I'll be responding until 10:00 PM eastern time.
I'm going to give it to natsu, his powers right now are enormous and plus he absorbs fire. I do wish however that mikoto didn't die he could have had hella epic battles.
I'm gonna say Natsu, because he can eat fire. This does imply that Mikoto's red aura is made of fire though lol
what anime is Mikoto from?
@CameronMcGowan You're right.