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Everyone please try read the stuffs in that pic and if anyone knows about this .. please tell me in the comments because one of my friend showed me this today and I was so devastated .. So basically if you cannot understand the words in the pic.. let me break it down for you.. They are saying bighit is prohibiting bts from receiving fan mail or to even speak/acknowledge fans at music shows.. That's piece of the entire thing.. I really want to know because I wanted to send something for Tae ... also if anyone knows an address that fans can send stuffs for bts members .. please comment and tell me
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@xxMollxx thnk I'll try n if I do I'll post it on here so u guys can find out to
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It is a rumor don't worry and don't sign any petitions. Big Hit and our boys don't do that, and there is no written proof or video footage or press release to make this a fact. Unfortunately a lot of rumors start from bad translations and Good intentions. But on some occasions the rumors are meant to harm. I don't know where the rumor originated, all I know is there are absolutely 0% facts to back it up. So rest at ease for now. Our awarded global boys are global for a reason.
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here's a link to a card that talks about it too. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1252178?shsrc=v
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@MandyNoona thnk u I read the card n it helped explain somethings so thnk u
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Thank you so much @MandyNoona for clearing that up for me
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