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so I just finished watching Gate: jieitai kanochi nite kaku tatakaeri or GATE and I gotta say its probably one of my favorite anime's. like its up there on my list. but it could be different for everyone.
the reason this show is on my list is because it has everything I could wish for. as a big fan of Lord of the Rings, this show answers to that. it had elves, dragons, magic, and more. what's more is that it has guns lol its like my inner child is being awakened. in my opinion, I can describe this show as a cross between James Cameron's Avatar and Lord of the Rings. two movies that I lovthise.
this show is just fun show to watch. it has nice artwork and scenery, the main character is so relatable(if you're an otaku), there's fantasy aspect, there's a harem, and its non-stop fun. oh and the opening is awesome. so if you're looking for something to pass time or an anime you really want to get into, GATE is just that. even if you're not as in love with this type of fantasy stuff as me, you won't leave empty handed after watching this show.
and who wouldn't find this girl to be best girl haha like come on. okay jk you can choose who you think best girl is lol
@jeremimzy17 don't tease me man๐Ÿ™Ž are you serious
@IsaiahWaterford gate is honestly the land of waifuus and best girls haha
gate? hmmmm
@jeremimzy17 were can I fine such beauty
@BlackoutZJ I heard season 2 comes out in January. @IsaiahWaterford Rory Mercury is best girl haha
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