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If you haven't heard, there was a shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, a place that offers NUMEROUS affordable health services in neighborhoods where health care is difficult to receive. 3 people were murdered during the shooting. A tragedy if you ask me. But if you ask the fanatic Pro-Lifers who threaten workers and patients of Planned Parenthood DAILY, they have something different to say about the lives TAKEN by the shooter. Here are the top disgusting tweets.
Oh yeah, who gives a shit if a woman's life was cut short because she went to the doctor. And you know what, maybe she was there to get an abortion, I didn't realize that THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS TO HER OWN BODY suddenly deems her an animal that needs to be put down. Shout out to slyflyandhigh, your twitter name really shows that you have a TON of really great opinions.
One. Brave. Hero. The man who murderer 3 people in cold blood, ONE A POLICE OFFICER. Can someone explain to me how a pro LIFER could agree to the murder of someone? Because #logic. Also "a million babies," sight your sources idiot, and don't give me anything from FOX news.
"Brave Hero saving innocent babies lives." Let me just remind everyone that abortions ARE ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE SERVICES PLANNED PARENTHOOD OFFERS!! Affordable birth control, cancer screenings, gyn checkups (because god forbid we want to make sure our vaginas are okay) are a majority of the treatments that planned parenthood offers for an AFFORDABLE price. You are the reason why we can't have nice things.
WOW. There is just way too many things wrong with this, I don't even know where to start. 1. Racist because not all abortions are from black people. I feel gross even having to write that sentence. 2. You clearly don't even understand the #blacklivesmatter movement.
So...... to all the people who thought this shooting was justified, heroic, or something to praise, you are the worst person ever. You are not pro life because you are celebrating the murder of people!! Also, how does killing women, who could be mothers, or potential mothers in the future with a child they are prepared to have and ready to love unconditionally correlate into "saving babies lives."

Your logic is non existent and you are the reason Christianity leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths.

ugh number one reason why I don't have a twitter anymore... people on social media can be dumb asshats excuse my language... there is nothing heroic about shooting people. That man committed an act of terrorism... just like the person who is committing the shooting going o. today.
I get that too @MaighdlinS I think the problem with Twitter is that people tend to shout out into the void, and use crazy language to get attention. Instead of having a conversation. So I try to avoid it honestly...
A brave fucking hero....smh...lost for words
People like this are to Christianity what IS is to Islam.
......seeing these makes me not want to live on earth anymore
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