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Last week in Egypt, a group of Russian photographers apparently climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza—hiding from guards for four hours after closing time before beginning the ascent. Climbing the pyramid, one of the photographers claims, carries a punishment of one to three years. But it was worth it. "I was speechless," one wrote. "I felt a chilling delight, absolute happiness." Since they were visible to guards, the photographs took most of their pictures from a prone position. Here are some of their photos:
:D haha well,, big thinker think the same . or i am just too late :D
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I thought climbing in Egypt Pyramid is forbidden at night ?! Some Swedish tried to climb one time, and they got caught for that !
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yah it is forbidden, but those guys were illegal climbing, if they got caught. it would be a big trouble
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it looks and sounds really dangerous !:)
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