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oops, more* my auto correct is now used to foreign words so it will change English ones to something else...
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Sailor Moon. Bleach. One Piece. Fairy Tail. Baki the Grappler. Flame of Rekka. Scryed. Dragonball. Dragonball Z. Air Gear. Blue Gender. Ghost in a Shell. Kekkashi. Inuyasha. Soul Eater. Project Arms. Trigun. Big O. Samurai X. Gundam. Hellsing. Witch Hunter Robin. Wolf's Rain. Trinity Blood. And so much more!!!
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I didn't even name some of the newest ones either. Just ones i remember watching off the top of my head.
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1) Inu x Baku 2) Naruto 3) One piece 4) Bleach 5) Dbz 6) Fairy tail 7) Psych pass 8) Tokyo ghoul 9) High school of the dead 10) Highschool dxd 11)Attack on titans 12) Blade and soul 13) Soul eater 14) Kill la kill 15) Kiss x sis 16) Angel beats 17) Blue exorcist 18) Gate 19) Gintama 20) One punch man 21) Durarara 22) Sword art online 23) Food wars 24) Parasite 25) Jojo bizarre adventure 26) Akame ga kill 27) The asterisk war 28) Brave 10 29) Hunter x hunter 30) Yamada Kun and the Seven witches 31) Trinity seven 32) Triage x 33) The testament of sister new devil 34) Strike the blood 35) Rokka 36) Fate/zero 37) Noragami 38) Samurai Champloo 39) Ghost tears 40) Nura: rise of the yokai clan
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and there's more but I forgot the names
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