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Well, by now, everyone knows this will be Kobe's last season in the NBA.

And as I am writing this card, Kobe is playing his last professional basketball game in his hometown of Philadelphia against the winless Philadelphia 76ers.
The score is currently 24-23 with the 76ers in front.

And the 76ers owes nothing to Kobe and the Lakers.

They must win this one and considering the Lakers' position right now, the 76ers has a chance to break their winless streak.

But Kobe will not back down as well. It is his "last" game in his hometown.

So basketball fans, we will keep a live discussion on this card during the game, so if anyone's watching the game, feel free to comment on this card anytime!

@mchlyang or basketball. the story was about kobe. and I felt like being a butt
@TravisBeck Haha the two worst teams in the NBA right now...gets the most media attention haha
Grrrr,no comment... lol
@VeronicaArtino Haha yes you did. Well you'll get another chance very soon! I'm coming up with our next challenge!
@TiffanyPerez Haha it's cool!
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