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So recently I have really gotten to memorize the dance for 'just right" by got7. I'm not sure if I should video me doing a part of the dance and post it on here??? Would you guys like to see my progression. I really suck at dancing but it's worth a try.
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@AudreyJelly I shall indeed would you like me to tag you In it??
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@AdiaJasinski Yes please, so I didn't miss it
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I would!!! Tag me too!
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@AdiaJasinski yes!! ^.^ Here's what I tell my students: It doesn't matter if you aren't as "good" as someone else. If you are having fun when you dance, then you are doing it right! Just by daring to try, you're already light years ahead of a ton of other people. 馃挏馃挏馃挏 Tag me, please!! 馃懐
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@ButterflyBlu AHHH @kpopandkimchi I will def tag you guys tonight.
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