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SURAN has finally came out with a fantastic new song "Calling In Love". This song has been my everything for this entire day. Its been on repeat for who knows how long. I just never get tired of Suran's smooth voice and Beenzino's rapping(did I mention that he is in it) is off the chain(Lol)!! Suran and Beenzino has defintley moved up my bias list a whole lot more...I always enjoy her more when she is paired up with Beenzino..I hope she comes out more with more content hopefully!! This song really has a chill effect on me and it seems like a great song to listen to when its rainy.

Are You A Fan Of Suran or Beenzino??

How Do You Feel About The Song?

Let Me Know In The Comments!!!

Sorry For The Slow Output Of Cards!!

(For Anybody That Cares LOL)
I was suppose to start off my Weekly Ships and Overdoses, but I haven't been feeling way so I promise to start that off next week if able!! Being sick sucks!! I rarely get sick but everybody in my family has been getting sick lately so it was only a matter of time before it got to me!! I try to post Song Of The Day cards this whole week and maybe some other stuff!! Hopefully I'll get better soon but until then i can only listen to kpop and eat lots of soup lol!!
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Ugh feel better! Being sick is no fun :( This song is soooo lovely though! At first I was only listening for Beenzino but the ENTIRE song is so good!