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My EXO Bluetooth Speaker just came in the mail today! It's so cute and works amazingly well!
So the character speaker comes in a hard box with a drawstring carrying pouch, photo card, puffy stickers to decorate your speaker if you want, a big character sticker, charger/connecter dual cord, and user manual. When you scan the QR code it takes you to a site where you enter your serial number and you get access to a site with cute wallpapers of the speakers and EXO members and also short recorded voice greetings by EXO in Korean and English! Also demos of speakers with EXO. So cute!
This is what the wallpapers look like, you can download any you want not just the ones for which speaker you bought.
After charging it I had to test it out and this is the audio/sound quality test I did with BTS's Butterfly. I'm really happy with the sound it's not static-y at all and has a nice bass sound too. I'd say money well spent!! *all pictures and video are mine excluding the first picture and the wallpapers. those belong to SM ENT.
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I have never had such an urge to buy a speaker without hearing the quality of it in my life
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Argh sorry guys I just figured out I'm dumb and the video I post I had on private not public so you couldn't see it... sorry bout that but I fixed it and you can hear it now! @ExoandVixxtrash thanks for calling my attention to that mistake! *I was like why can't you hear it? and then oooh.* @Meeshell @Jiyongixoxo @PassTheSuga @kpopandkimchi
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where did you buy this
2 years ago·Reply
I bought mine on I've had really good luck with them in the past. Products are always great quality and shipping is very fast considering it comes directly from Korea (average for me is about 2~3 weeks standard shipping) @Saeda1320
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