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Rally for Lauren!

@LaurenStrayhorn this is for you. Chin up, it will get better. You may fall down, you may be hurt, but when you get back up and continue on, you show them that you are better and stronger than them. Fighting!
Since I can't give you real hugs I send you Markson hugs. 😉
and nothing is as sweet as Suga
or GD's smile (and that thumbs up is for you!)
GOT7 thinks you're 'Just Right'. (yes, you)
so stay strong, my friend! And remember, an A.R.M.Y stands behind you
(this card was done in response to a post by Lauren earlier today, discourage and downtrodden by bullying in her new school . @SamanthaRae19 came up with a 'challenge' to cheer her up by posting cards featuring her favorite groups and/or biases)
*GIANT ARMY HUG!* I just got online and saw all these cards (and then read Lauren's card) and my heart is melting. You guys are seriously the best family ever and LAUREN! DON'T LISTEN TO THE HATERS!
A.R.M.Y.s are here for you! And a bully is just someone who likes to pick on other because they are feeling insecure about themselves in some way... So to feel better they will bully others instead.. So stay strong and hang tight. Don't let them bring you down.. @LaurenStrayhorn
WE ARE A FAMILY LAUREN AND A FAMILY STICKS TOGETHER!! Don't worry we are all here for you!
😄😄 we are all here for you!!
Perfect card!!!!! We all lean on each other! Anyone can message me anytime! This unnie is here for all! I do not judge because ive been there!
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