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I was looking through my FaceBook feed and saw this and when I read it I started bawling (as I type this I'm starting to cry again). I knew it was a possibility as I'm on MyMusicTaste and have been helping trying to bring them over but I didn't know it was a sure thing they were coming until today! I'm freaking out guys! They'll be coming in February 2016 which HOLY HECK IS SOON and I need time to prepare myself mentally still! What cities they're going to and tour dates haven't been posted yet but AHHHH!! I'm praying Chicago is one of the stops but I really don't care I'll take out a loan to go see them wherever they go! Did anyone else know about this already? Who else is FREAKING OUT?!
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it seems like they'd need to make Chicago a stop, next to New York and LA, it's on of the best places for concerts.
Chicago should definitely be a stop since SM Town Ent. are doing global auditions here February 24th 2016
@MissAguria isn't it? I love going to Chicago for concerts! @delnygro it would make sense wouldn't it? but i've seen weirder stupider things happen before so fingers crossed!
@KellyOConner they better give me my EXO! LOL