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Once it hits the internet, it goes viral.

If anything is private and intimate anymore, proposals don't happen to be one of them. Can't say we are too upset about that? Who doesn't love public displays of affection that go viral on the web? We all do. If you find yourself getting sappy over those proposals, don't worry you are not the only one.
Thanks to Cosmopolitan, the best viral marriage proposals to ever hit the internet have been compiled into a two minute video that you're bound to love. Grab your boyfriends and make them watch. You might just end up on the internet during the holiday's. You never know. Grab your tissues and check out the video [seen above] to watch some of the best proposals in less than 120 seconds.

How would you want to be proposed?

This is great......especially the first one. Her reaction is priceless!
Yes!! It's so amazing @mchlyang