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So we know BTS Just made a comeback.
Day6's Jae posted the screen of an online streaming song on Twitter , which is called "Across The Universes" from Yerin ( 15&, an JYP's artist ), to support her comeback. However,...
There were many comments from International ARMY and most of them asked to watch MV "Run". They didn't care about this post or showing any support to Yerin.
And this, I have no comment -_- I just can't understand why they did that. Every fandom wants to live in peace, hope this problem is not the start of a fan war. EDIT: This post doesn't mean to blame Vingle Army and all International Army (it just some on Twitter).Because of that, the Korean Army or other fandoms possibly could have a bad view on International Army. It was a good thing to support your own idol, but you need to do something right, otherwise fanwar would happen even with a little thing. Hope we take it as a lesson to not make any mistake in the future.
Ugh thats pretty lame. Glad Jae handled it well though! (and I'm glad Vingle ARMY isnt like Twitter ARMY^^)
ARMYs, being predominantly young and immature, are a lot like the Directioners of kpop馃憖 it's disappointing to see intl ARMY behaving and representing like this. It really can put a bad rep to the fans and the group.
This isn't surprising, there's immature fans in every fandom..
i dont think this will start anything. jae is so laid back, he was just joking around. most the time he doesn't even notice these things. he appreciates bts so everything is fine
@kpopandkimchi yes I agree. Jae is smart though. There was something about him mocking some fans on his band mates instagram. like the fans that always are telling the artists what to do like "go to sleep do you know what time it is?" so obviously artists find these comments annoying. Some fans just don't know how to be a fans I guess? idk
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