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According to several fan accounts, when you meet Jonah Hill in real life, he doesn't 'do' autographs, but will instead give you a business card that reads: "I just met Jonah Hill. It was a total letdown."

And apparently, he's not the only one who does?

I'd imagine being a recognizable celebrity face for the past 45 years brings you to this point, Steve Martin.

And 'Castle' star Nathan Fillion made a very similar card specifically for fans at Comic-Con.

Et tu, Walt Disney?

How do YOU feel about celebrities giving out cards instead of autographs? Is it a Hollywood faux pas or something you'd probably consider if you were famous?

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@danidee not at all, I appreciate it. It's still something that I can keep. Giving the card to me is still an effort for me. I'm not that hard to please ;)
@WiviDemol I think if I were famous, I would draw a walrus or something and distribute that with my autograph on those little cards.
@danidee ahaha that would be sooo cool
@WiviDemol I am known far and wide for my walruses.
Honestly, I don't care one way or another. It must be tiring to be mobbed for autographs every single day with no relief. I have met some wonderful, warm, intelligent and funny celebrities. If they offered a photo or autograph, sure I got one. However, if I just said hello and was handed one of those cards, I would hand it back to them and tell them thanks for the thought, but save it for someone else. I just enjoy your work.