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Visited Kansai Gaidai the school I studied abroad for a semester in 2010 today. So nostalgic! I went with my friend who also studied there at the same time (No I'm not in the picture hehe). It's like a reunion for us. We walked to the school from Hirakata station which took about 20'. I used to walk this street everyday while studying here so it brought back a lot of memories. I only took the bus when it rained or when I was late because the fare is too expensive! Cost like $3 one way! I think I'm spoiled by Korea cheap transportation which costs like less than $1 going pretty much anywhere in Seoul and there's even free transfer within 30'! Transportation is one of the things I don't like about Japan. Too complicated and too expensive! The sky looked spectacular right? I still wonder how I managed to capture the sky with my iphone haha. In the 5th photo you can see Mos Burger. They have it in Korea to but the fact is that everything made in Japan is more delicious than everywhere else. Mos Burger is a Japanese franchise famous for their rice burger. If you go to Japan be sure to try out teriyaki rice burger there. And yes, it's delicious as it sounds! Taking a quick break to write this. Next, we are going to Shinsaibashi (downtown Osaka)~~ Stay tuned for the next update~ Probably will be about food haha
ur welcome! thanks for following my live blogging! if anyone has any questions abt studying abroad in jpn or kansai gaidai lmk!!
thank you for sharing and taking us down memory lane with you (*_*)