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You woke up like that.

Well, sort of. The new trend called 'lampshading' has been perfected by some of your favorite celebrities. According to theSkimm, lampshading is "what you call wearing an oversized t-shirt that covers up your Nike shorts (norts), making you look like a lamp shade." Is it just me or have we all taken part in this 'new' trend at least once or twice in our lifetime.
It's crazy how people add names to trends that have literally been around for ages and coin it innovative. According to Cosmpolitan, "Kate Moss gave this trend a go back in 2013, Zendaya's tried it on the red carpet, and Hailey Baldwin recently achieved it with a sporty twist in a pair of sneakers." But, let's be realistic, who doesn't love this trend? I definitely do. It's minimal and stylish. To see some of your favorite celebs show you how lampshading should be done, keep scrolling.

Would you give the lampshading trend a try?

I do this literally daily. I get off work and put on pajama shorts with a xxxl sweatshirt. Just baggy enough that I can go to the neighbor's sans bra!
Lol I was about to say the same thing, @Kamiamon @jordanhanilton. I do this pretty much daily. During the summer it's a tshirt over tights/leggings, shorts, leotard; in the winter, a sweatshirt. When I stop by my parents' place after classes, my dad lives to tell me to get dressed. Lol. Next time, I'll just explain that I'm on trend. :P
I suppose you could say that haha @jordanhamilton
So you've been on top of your fashion game! Haha :) @matildajgarrett
This is what I wear every day XD
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