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Anyone else still cooking with turkey left overs? day #6 for us.. almost over.
so I was going to go to "the ball "... then I had to cook . turkey sandwich, turkey with rice, rice with turkey, turkey with gravy, turkey salad.. ah ! so done with turkey! ps. real movie fan will know who I'm lol
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@kneelb4zod !! finally! someone knows! lol yes im haha
@electica wow who knew Selina Kyle wasn't a fan of pie? XD
@shannonl5 it is korea that is no fan =) even if I could I guess I would not.. I only like the crust lol
@electica oh wow I had no idea!! Haha you're like the only person I know who just likes the crust. People I know either eat both or they scoop the filling out :( the crust is so under-appreciated!!!