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Signs you're dating the wrong person

DATING is a wonderful experience during which people get to know each other before selecting life partners.
It is a time when masks are unveiled and the true you comes out to your prospective boy/girlfriend. But during this time people are usually forewarned to watch for signs that may indicate compatibility, or may suggest you need to explore other options.
These signs may be clear as day or they may require some serious analysis to pick up -- as we're oftentimes blinded by things like physical attributes.
However, whether the signs are good or bad, it is important to pay close attention to them so as not to have regrets later on.
Relationship counsellor Wayne Powell says the signs below indicate you are dating the wrong person.
1. You both have absolutely no shared interests
Having nothing in common with the person you're dating is a clear indication that you may be with the wrong individual. Where will you find common ground? How will you enjoy each other's company? If there's nothing you both are interested in, there won't be much meaningful time spent outside of the bedroom.
2. Most if not all the time is spent in confrontation and conflicts
Arguing consistently isn't good. If there is no happiness in the dating stage, the relationship is headed for wreckage. Plus, if you can't get along, it simply means you shouldn't be together. In this case, opposites do not attract.
3. He/she is too busy to share quality time with you
The saying 'out of sight, out of mind' is very practical in this case. In relationships often the 'little things' such as spending time with your significant other carry some weight. When you make everything around you your priority and neglect your partner, he or she is likely to find comfort and attention elsewhere.
4. He/she is physically and/or emotionally abusive
Being subjected to insults and beatings will do nothing for your self-esteem or self-worth. The reason most people date is to search for love and to find someone to settle down with. Remember, love is kind, it is not easily angered and it always protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.
5. He/she has no desire to be seen with you in public
This could indicate that you are not the only one or he/she is hiding something that being seen in public would bring to the fore. If you can't be seen while dating what will happen when things get serious?
6. He/she is only interested in knowing you sexually
If you are looking for respect and someone to value you, getting into your pants shouldn't be your partner's main priority. If it is, as soon as they hit the jackpot they are going to collect their winnings and leave.
Source: Kimberley Hibbert (Jamaica Observer)
Soooo true. I always look out for 1, 2, and 6 from the beginning of the relationship. Obviously, #4 is a deal breaker.
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