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EXO MIGHT again MIGHT!!! come to the U.S..... hopefully
even though every exol has been knowing about this since the year began kinda and then suddenly the US was taken off their tour list a while back
If they get a lot of response they just might ugh! I hope so!!! Well yay on their new song coming out!!!!
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lol I know right XD @GDsGF No kidding there goes all my clothes being sold I just need two outfits for the rest of my life anyway.... 😂😂😂😂 @kpopandkimchi
2 years ago·Reply
So it's not confirmed? Allkpop blows my life then
2 years ago·Reply
which is why I put might in all caps... aha but yeah idk just posted and I searched and a lot of other websites posted as well @SunnaWalo
2 years ago·Reply
@MissyKim Idk why I trust allkpop
2 years ago·Reply
I hope NY gets pick
2 years ago·Reply