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It was hard to find a restaurant that we really want to eat. Usually that's not the case in Osaka. Osaka is famous for its cuisine especially takoyaki (grilled octopus meat ball) and okonomiyaki (fried pancake). We finally found our heaven which is an izakaya where you can order side dishes and drinks. Here you can order anything for 280yen (around $3) including drink! We ordered everything we wanted and only paid 1500yen (around $17) per person. Unfortunately, I forgot the name but if you happen to be in Osaka, there's one near Hirakata staion and somewhere in Shinsaibashi or Nanba which is where we went. I'm going home to sleep now~~ Going to Arashiyama tomorrow to see the bamboo forest and monkey park!!
wish u ladies were here hehe
Oh, my god! $3?! That's so awesome.
i wish they had sth like this in korea !! its kinda impossible to have sth like this in the states with this price lol. come to jpn right now n i can take u there lol
sis, that looks delish....i want some too, lolz