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Makeup lovers, you're bound to fall in love.

As we all know, washing your face is a must -- especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis. Over the last couple years, coconut oil has definitely been a trend that everyone from makeup gurus to hair gurus have easily fallen in love with. Well, brace yourself because there's something new and amazing in store for all you ladies who take pride in your skin. Introducing, coconut oil makeup wipes. Why have one when you can have both in the form of one? Sounds like the perfect invention if you ask me.
Thanks to RMS beauty, having a clean and soft face minus the mess is now available at your fingertips -- literally. Brand owner, Rose-Marie Swift said: "Coconut wipes are almost impossible to produce because the ingredients clog the machines. Hence the blank spaces on shelves — until now, apparently." It's true what they say, "good things come to those who wait." Well, the wait is officially over ladies. To get your hands on these amazing wipes and have yourself a flawless canvas, click [here].

Ladies, would you invest in these infused makeup wipes?

Want want want!! <3
Me too!!!! @ButterlfyBlu
They do sound amazing!!! @shannonl5
My bestie has a coconut allergy so probably not :( but these sound awesome!