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@LaurenStrayhorn You are loved by family the rest of the A.R.M.Y & Bts. No one ever deserves to be bullied and you shouldn't say that you deserve. You shouldn't call yourself ugly or any other things to bring yourself down.People just don't realize how amazing you are. But you'll find real friends who will love you and will love your unique personality. You just have to wait for the good things to happen. Down bring yourself down because that's exactly what they want. You need to keep your head held high and ignore them because they are the ugly people. Keep a smile on that beautiful face of yours. If you ever need to talk I'm here and the rest of the A.R.M.Y are here to help you feel better. I'm not very good at writing things like this but I thought it would help.
I honestly can't stand people who bully people but then again who can? People like that just need to leave just forget about them. They'll drive you insane just to get a reaction from you but don't feed into them. They need to be slapped but don't do that! You'll get in a lot of trouble. Ok, don't put yourself down & no self harm. I'm here just remember that! I love you! ❀ We're friends now. REAL FRIENDS!
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PREACH!!! This goes to all the Kpoppers out there - or really anyone who loves a certain fandom and gets picked on for it. This is a great card I love you!!!!!