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Ladies, it's no secret that we all love a good bun. Whether it be a messy bun or in this case, a ballerina bun -- it's the perfect updo for every day. Check out the gif below to see how easily this bun can be re-created and where it got the name 'ballerina bun'. Just keep scrolling and you'll be twirling in no time.
It's as simple as twirling around in a circle.

How do you achieve your perfect bun?

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I would be that parent that put their kids hair in the tube of a vacuum and got out a perfect pony tail 😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
Great tip! Thanks for sharing 😌 @tayhar18920
2 years ago·Reply
😂😂😂 very creative lol @SeolnHan
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton you've never seen that? it's hilarious.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol no!!! But I'm def going to look into it @SeolnHan
2 years ago·Reply