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So I was a good little gamer girl this year and Santa has promised me the Call Of Duty Black Ops III limited edition PS4(featured in 1st picture) with Nuketown! Yayy me ! However... I have never played COD before. Oh no =0 I know this is a total travesty, lol XD So, I'm not looking for cheats or anything unfair like that. But, pretty please, can you veteran COD players give me some tips and tricks to make my 1st gaming experience smooth, enjoyable and fun! Don't worry, I'll still snipe the hella out of the losers that get in my way I love me some gaming and I am looking forward to mowing down a load of zombies. To those who comment on here to add tips and tricks, I thank you greatly for helping to vet a new dangerous gamer girl into the COD fold! Have fun and game on everyone <3
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Tee hee
2 years ago·Reply
@Yanks24 it's funny when little kids play and talk on the Mic because I always go and "bully" them because they talk a lot of smack hahah @AnimeGamer hahah you may have a point there ^^
2 years ago·Reply
*squeaker voice* like you're bullying me now? lol
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha no I can't bully haha apparently I'm too nice for that. I stand on my own ground cx
2 years ago·Reply
recommended YouTube video: How to Annoy People (Black Ops) - Night Light. picturing @RaquelArredondo being like that
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