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Twitter is known for some amazing hashtags.

You've seen it done in the past and this past weekend it has happened again. If you ever need a good laugh, or even a good cry -- twitter is definitely the place to be. Over the weekend, the hashtag #WhyINeedYouIn5Words took over the social media platform, The hashtag consisted of romantic, funny and of course, sarcastic tweets that made everyone want to join in.
If you didn't relate, you at least laughed along. Whether you need someone, want someone or just enjoy twitter, this hashtag definitely ended the month of November on a good note. To see what people were tweeting and get in a good chuckle, keep scrolling to see why people 'need' someone in 5 words hashtag style.

What a beautifully, hilarious hashtag.

Now it's your turn. Leave your own hashtag below.
#WhyINeedYouIn5Words I Only Know 5 Words.
#WhyINeededToReadThisCardIn5Words To giggle at silly people
Love your hashtag @nicolejb! Perfect :) #WhyYouAreTheBestIn5Words
😂😂😂 good one @danidee!!!