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Tina & Louise Belcher: The Campaign Management Dream Team

I haven't posted a Donald Trump card in a few weeks now, but lately, I've been reading a lot about how he's actually got a tremendous lead in the polls.

Is anyone else waiting for someone to announce that the entire country is on one of those hidden camera shows? I mean, this isn't actually happening, right, America?


Dump the Trump
I know right Donald is a narcissistic butthole I know... I vote for vermin supreme I might get a pony a least jk. .. XD
@Straightshooter I don't believe the two comments you refer to are the only evidence of Trumps sexism, neither do I believe the willingness to enforce some laws on illegal immigration are the only reasons he is called a racist. It's all horses for courses, you have your beliefs, which it seems are shared by quite a few, I have mine which are also shared by quite a few. The only one that matters is the one that happens in November next year. When the candidates are selected, may the best one win.
Love this lmao
@Straightshooter Of course @danidee is right....you should card it up!
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