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It's literally my one-month-anniversary of becoming a kpop fan.... YAY!! I literally started hearing kpop on the very first day of November! I know, that's weird.... But yes I want to celebrate it by watching a Kdrama! I've already watched two very good Kdramas such as "the secret message" (first Kdrama) and "she was pretty" (second Kdrama) now that I've finished she was pretty, im asking you guys any other suggestions on what other Kdrama I should watch next. Anything that's on DramaFever I would appreciate :3 YAY!! A WHOLE MONTH WHOOO!!! I feel like this isn't that big of a deal for you guys..... I'm so sorry I'll go now 馃憢馃徎馃弮馃徎馃弮馃徎馃弮馃徎
Thank you guys so much! ^^^ I see many recommending coffee prince, boys over flowers, and reply 1997! Ok, I'll try those out, Imma start with coffee prince :3 THANKS AGAIN !! ^^^^
COFFEE PRINCE! It's on Netflix!!!!! Also Reply 1997 is my favorite Kdrama EVER!
"The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry", "Boys Over Flowers", "My Lovely Sam Soon", "Cheer Up", "Modern Farmer", "When a Man Loves", "You Are Beautiful", and "Castaway on the Moon"(awesome quirky movie) are all really good! These are some of my favorites and they are all on DramaFever. Congratulations on your K-Pop monthaversary!!
Coffee prince or boys over flowers! Both really good 馃憤馃憤
also. Reply 1997, 1994 and,1988 (series, but all different with little connectiom) "High School Love On.. "To the Beautiful You" "My unfortunate Boyfriend" "Full House" "Full House Take Too" "High school 2013" "Kpop extreme,survival" im curewntly,watching one called Orange Marmalade it's vampire-y and really,good. xD
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