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This goes out to the beautiful @LaurenStrayhorn and everyone in general!! I just hate to see that there is still so much bullying in school!! I was a bit of an outcast in highschool as well. I was the really quiet kid that didn't have very many friends. It was really painful to go to school some days but I was lucky enough not to be bothered by other kids. I want you to know that it gets better!! I know it sucks having to go 5 days a week and have to see the same people but it'll be over soon!! Anyone who belittles someone else for being different will go nowhere in life!! Stick to what you like and who you are. There's a great big world out there after highschool. There are millions of people out there just like you!! You have us, your Vingle family, to always talk to. We all share the same interests and I have yet to find a mean soul on this site. Cheer up girly!!! Those kids are just really insecure and are trying to make themselves feel better by attacking you like that. I hope you feel encouraged with these cards. Sending many hugs your way!!!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day!!! Stay strong ✊❤❤❤
Just let your worries roll off like Yoongi's gorgeous tummy
Thank you @Kieuseru for including me and @SamanthaRae19 for coming up with this wonderful idea!!! Ever since I found this app I feel so at home!!! I love you guys ❤❤