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okay so I've never posted on here, but I've read like 100 posts. I'm actually slightly afraid to post, and get judged for knowing too little or too much. anyways hi I'm Chucklez and I am a fan a BTS :3
I just started listening to them like 4 months ago and I'm completely HOOKED ._. I don't tell anyone though I feel like I'm going to be judged and made fun of...
I used to listen to Kim hyun joong a lot last year and told my bf about him and he made fun of me so much I just stopped listening to kpop all I just keep my music to myself. then I found Vingle and honestly these posts and the people I don't talk to but reading the stories help a much I started listening to him again. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I hope so and I hope I can make new friends on here, it'd be amazing if I could. well bye bye and I hope to talk to you someday :3
bye guys :)))
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hey darling welcome to vingle family....i barely post here but when i do its a lot.....but just a quick side note the shirtless pic of V is not actually V.... i know i know i was sad when i found that out too but its just another person who looks dangerously like Tae!! but other than that i love your card!! β™‘β™‘
hi welcome πŸ‘πŸ‘ so is taetae your bias?
Heyyyy I understand your feel about Kpop my friends all looked at me super weird and I stopped sharing with them but I got my friend into Kpop and she got her friend and no I just annoy them with everything. Keep listening and shipping what you love. Especially BTS πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š. Oh and most importantly welcome everyone here is sooo nice. I didn't think I would be addicted but everyone's kind here and just amazing people.
Welcome to vingle!πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ you have nothing to hide or fear here if you are a Kpop fan in the Kpop community . This is a no judge zone, so talk till your heart desires about Kpop. And about the be thing, no guys is worth giving up Kpop😌 maybe if u show him some good songs he'll warm up to it. My bf loves country music and when he heard I listened to Kpop he kind of thought it was a little odd but he warmed up to it quickly and most times we listen to a mix a country and kmusic which is a weird but good mix lol we usually fight over the aux cord in the car but he has gotten used to the Kpop music and even listens to some song when he snow boards or is bored. So anyways don't ever feel ashamed of liking Kpop it's not weird or stupid at all it's actually becoming really common. Well hope this helped and good luck with future posts πŸ‘πŸ»
I only started listening to Kpop, BTS specifically at the beginning of October so absolutely NO judging from me! I've discovered that the Kpop community, especially on Vingle are extremely accepting and very loving. I've already made several great friends on Vingle. Don't be afraid to post, and don't be afraid to tag me in what you post! I love to see what everybody has to say <3