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(yeah I'm just a short 5'0 girl who likes to cosplay. it's the best pic I have cuz I don't really take selfies) you guys are way too nice. really. I wasn't expecting anyone to say much. words cannot describe how thankful I am. really they can't. I wish I could give something back. you really didn't have to do any of this, but you did and it means a lot. I was going to delete that card, but I don't want too loose all of the beautiful comments I saw. thank you. when I'm feeling with less I'll look through all these cards. I'm going to make a new folder just for these cards. and those of you who messaged me personally, thank you. I will be sending all of you friend requests. my self confidence has been shot, I was starting to gain some as I grew up, but this school has torn me to pieces. honestly I feel bad, I owe you guys. I owe the whole community. thank you so much. much suga! fighting! (and yixing!)
lastly I saw a lot of people asking who my ub's were for cards. i'm not listing then for the cards, but just to clear up any confusion it's: B.A.P BTS Exo Ailee Jackson ( I began to like him after that 'Blanca's incident) Lee Honki Exid Amber I also cosplay and derp around in anime and a wonderful J-pop singer named Kyary pamyu pamyu. there now you guys know how weird I am! again thank you so much. truly SARANGE!
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Amen @kpopandkimchi!!! and OHHHHHH MOAR KYARY FANS!!! *is losing it right now!!!* But I digress, hahaha :D Doods. I am filled with glee and fuzziness at all the lovely people here that have told you what I, too, believe, and that is that YOU ARE AMAZING LADY! I admire your courage to try out for things like theater and dance groups at your school. I never had the courage to try out for anything in school so I TRULY admire you for that. That being said, having been treated so poorly by those in your theater and dance groups to get right back up and try again with a new friend, that's immensely admirable as well in my book. I am sorry this last tiny lady wasn't cool :( You have listed some super cool awesome things that you are interested in and like all the other neato peeps that have commented and made cards for your lovliness, I'd love to have you as a friend! WE CAN FANGURL OVER KYARYYYYYYYYYY AND COSPLAY ALL DAY!!! :D:D:D! <3 Truly really, people can be intimidated by confidence in others when they share interests. It confuses me too, but know that not everyone will treat you lesser for it. We might not physically be there for ya, but all of us here are always a message or Kakao or whatever chatting thing you want to use away. :D!!!!!!!!! LAUREN FIGHTING!!!!
Lee HongKi is life
nothing wrong with weird. i take pride in my uniqueness, and u shuld to. Normal is boring. saranghae! never forget u r not alone
I don't know you, but I think you're awesome. I think you are a strong, courageous and pretty awesome young lady. I hope you know you are not alone now. We are here for you. After the holiday break, you'll only have half a year to go. You're almost there! You've made it this far. Now keep going. Keep fighting. You can do it. And we are all here cheering you on. We're family here! We love you and we're proud of you. You can do this. You go girl!!!