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Actress Song Hye Kyo opened up in an interview about her mega successful drama ‘Wind Blows In Winter‘, which aired its finale on the 3rd. Q: “During filming for ‘Wind Blows In Winter’, which was the most difficult scene to act in?” A: “Oh Young’s palace-like house. It was so cold there during the mornings and nights because there were a lot of scenes where I would look out the window. The scene that I fall into the river in the beginning of the drama was the worst.” Q: “What do you remember as your most difficult moment?” A: “The 13th episode when I would come out of the lodge. During the scene, I was in a tender emotional state and my feelings gradually exploded. A plane once flew by during the scene and my emotional state was disrupted, so I tried to get back into it but it was difficult.” Q: “Which character in ‘Wind Blows In Winter’ do you want to protect the most?” A: Oh Soo? No. It’s ‘Secretary Wang’ (Bae Jong Ok) who my character always treated sensitively. Even a biological mother wouldn’t be able to be so dedicated to a visually impaired daughter.” Q: “Were you ever sorry to Jo In Sung during filming?” A: “[I felt bad about] being carried by In Sung. Why did they keep adding those scenes… I’m sorry.” Q: “The best line by Oh Young?” A: “Breaking up with Oh Soo. “You lied to me…” In this scene I actually thought I became Oh Young. My heart was so sad. Other than that, my conversations with Oh Soo on the rooftop and I also like Oh Soo’s narrations.” Q: “Did you know you look like INFINITE‘s Sungjong?” A: “I was worried that fans might not like this. I saw the article too, and we really do look alike.” Q: “What are you true thoughts about Oh Young?” A: “Oh Young is a very pitiful character. I think to myself that what is the point of having a lot of money. I think that Oh Soo’s background is better. People tell me, ‘You’re going to see Oh Soo tomorrow, so you’re lucky!’ and don’t think of me as a celebrity.”