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Song Hye Kyo shares her thoughts on the finale of ‘Wind Blows In Winter’
Actress Song Hye Kyo opened up in an interview about her mega successful drama ‘Wind Blows In Winter‘, which aired its finale on the 3rd. Q: “During filming for ‘Wind Blows In Winter’, which was the most difficult scene to act in?” A: “Oh Young’s palace-like house. It was so cold there during the mornings and nights because there were a lot of scenes where I would look out the window. The scene that I fall into the river in the beginning of the drama was the worst.” Q: “What do you remember as your most difficult moment?” A: “The 13th episode when I would come out of the lodge. During the scene, I was in a tender emotional state and my feelings gradually exploded. A plane once flew by during the scene and my emotional state was disrupted, so I tried to get back into it but it was difficult.” Q: “Which character in ‘Wind Blows In Winter’ do you want to protect the most?” A: Oh Soo? No. It’s ‘Secretary Wang’ (Bae Jong Ok) who my character always treated sensitively. Even a biological mother wouldn’t be able to be so dedicated to a visually impaired daughter.” Q: “Were you ever sorry to Jo In Sung during filming?” A: “[I felt bad about] being carried by In Sung. Why did they keep adding those scenes… I’m sorry.” Q: “The best line by Oh Young?” A: “Breaking up with Oh Soo. “You lied to me…” In this scene I actually thought I became Oh Young. My heart was so sad. Other than that, my conversations with Oh Soo on the rooftop and I also like Oh Soo’s narrations.” Q: “Did you know you look like INFINITE‘s Sungjong?” A: “I was worried that fans might not like this. I saw the article too, and we really do look alike.” Q: “What are you true thoughts about Oh Young?” A: “Oh Young is a very pitiful character. I think to myself that what is the point of having a lot of money. I think that Oh Soo’s background is better. People tell me, ‘You’re going to see Oh Soo tomorrow, so you’re lucky!’ and don’t think of me as a celebrity.”