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So I've heard several comments about fairytail, natsu being with Lucy or lisanna... Ok first of , it's going to be LUCY, lisanna shippers.
Spoilers: hiro mashima has already mentioned that natsu and Lucy will have a child and in the manga natsu and Lucy kiss.. so no it's not lisanna people!! Ugh like I love lisanna don't get me wrong but I feel like she isn't even part of fairytail that much... Like yeah she has her story and everything but I feel like she's not that important... Like there is a hole to fill.... I dunno it might just be me...
Nali was the past and Lucy is the present and the future....
NALI isn't going to happen NALU will happen Why? Natsu isn't into lisanna that much and plus she was gone for a really long time .... Sorry lisanna!
When someone says they still like NALI better.... B**ch slap 馃槀. This is my opinion but just saying that the information is real. I will now show you a sneak peak...
Yup... Can't wait for this moment in episode form... 馃槏馃槏馃槏 And there you go... Some reasons that it will be NALU. If you have questions comment below Follow me on Instagram @animegodess101 Thank you! (^ 3 ^) 333!
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Omg yes when someone says that they like NALI better you are just like , your brave my friend @desireesowah143
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Nalu for life
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@KaminariHana Btw everyone that chapter ISN'T real
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