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My first thought when I saw this was "of course we did."
As you can see it seems like it was the English speaking armies who were harassing Jae. If we do things like this foreign armies could get a bad reputation. Not even just us but BTS as well.
I can agree with most of these comments. I know that everyone was carried away with the release of the new MV and we all want BTS to get views and be known, but do we really need to harass Jae? Granted, he did seem like he enjoyed fulfilling the request but it still doesn't change the fact that the comments should have been filled with Yerin support.
I really hope that in the future we can become known as a fan base who can use our manners and not be so forceful and rude.
I understand that but I don't like when they called us all ARMYS as disrespectful and immature. Not all of us are like that. It was kinda of insulted me and maybe other ARMYS too.
i saw this and went seriously? i love BTS but i would never do anything like this!
Poor guy! I love Jae and his long hashtags! As a BTS lover myself I wouldn't force the MV, group, or song on anyone (unless they're my family or friends, that's another story...) People have preferences, they just wanted to use him as a promoting tool.