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So, I recently saw a card from @MadAndrea and I thought about having a talk with y'all. Everyone has always kept K-Pop a secret from everyone around them because you feel embarrassed or scared to be judged/bullied. But guys, embrace it!! Coming from someone who only told one person about my K-Pop liking since I know that no one will accept it. And guess what happened when I finally told everyone? I got judged and teased. But that only made me realize how ignorant people are! They make fun on how they look feminine, chinese, flat-faced, etc. Those people are willing to learn Spanish, French, German, Sign Language but not an Asian language since it's hard and it sounds funny. Those people are the worst! Now, it's come to the point that they make a joke and I just shut them out as they're not worth my time.

My say to you is to ignore those people and... YOLO XD

Just kidding!

Just embrace K-Pop with all your heart and turn the volume up high and show them haters that our music will be taking up all the charts!!

People can hate all they want but it won't and shouldn't change your love for K-Pop!!

You have the freedom to listen to any music of the world! Just show your love! Haters spend time hating while lovers spend time loving!

So happy people are getting infired!^_^
@MadAndrea Well that's great haha ^_^ people need to be more brave and even if people dislike what you do, it ain't killing ya, so why worry too much on others opinions?!
shoot...every time I'm driving my car I BLAST them with the windows down thank you very much lol...GD,CL, JAY PARK,BTS...the list goes on. I don't care who listens...or doesn't. I love the music and that all that matters :)