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Okay. I'm tripping out because I watched Run again today and I noticed something at the end once the video was over.
As you can see this video if from when they were filming the prologue MV. Jin is the only one wearing all black.
From left to right it's shown J-hope is wearing a white tee with suspenders V is wearing an orange tee with white writing Suga is wearing a shirt with suspenders Kookie is wearing a white shirt Jimin is wearing a black shirt with a white star is gray sleeves And rap mon wearing a nirvana shirt.
And this is the final scene where they're together. But then your hear a click sound as if someone had just taken a picture of that very moment.
And they did because you see it appear in the next scene in the hands of someone but the weird thing is...Jin is no longer there.
When the video zooms out you see the person holding the picture is Jimin. He's in the bath with a lighter burning the picture as if he wants to get rid of the memory...
Isn't that the same thing that he was doing in the I need you video?
So does this mean Jin was actually the first to die and that's what threw the other members over the edge?
It's like in the I need u Japanese version where Jin is alone at the ins in darkness with a light shining on him. That could have signified that he was dead. https://youtu.be/HEDg0Oj6Hew
@Lizzeh @nenegrint14 yes they do. Even if it's a Naver Cast mini drama. For now Run BTS and BTS Gayo on V app is enough.
@MandyNoona I would definitely watch a drama they made! It would have me on the edge all the time and I'd probably be drowning in feels but idc I'd still watch it!!!
ahhhh i actually stand behind this theory out of ALL that i have read
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