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I'm excited to see who will win but also had lots of questions as to the nominees and who is on top at this very moment! it seams like my favorites won't be Chinas favorites and china has a huge voting rank! (u.s what's up? =/ ) these are the category and nominees! (sliding to the left is my choice for winner)
I think this was the hardest one for me =D
best dance performance male sadly this won't go my way =/
and these are the nominees!!! who is on top?
no surprise here! Big Bang is pretty much 2015 winner! This award show will be not much different from last music award show with 5 awards! yey Big Bang! I'm sure they will win big here as well.
! Exo! has two nominees and it's the most supported! amazing!
I love big bang and super excited to see them win many awards here! but I'm kind of mad because I really think we should see more of my favorite...
the album knew something was up lol im mad too boys! =/ only 6 more hours till MAMA! hope your favorite wins!
@MattK95 @electica I'm just upset with MAMA all around this year but I'll still watch..
@MattK95 me too! =/
I have to say I'm actually very disappointed in the nominees they have selected for this year...
Is VIXX performing?