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The reason why we exactly watch anime is because there's a whole lot of reasons and I'll explain why.
1- ANIME HAVE SO MUCH MEANING. There's a whole lot of meaning towards anime series that can define the person or etc. That's why we are so-called Otaku's and Weeaboo's. Like, remember we was kids and we tried to be believe we was Naruto or try to create that noise "KAMEHAMEKA". Some Characters can represent what we are, depending on the chemical in our brains. Bottom Line, if you watching anime, there's a character that's your idol.
2- "EMOTIONS. RULES. ALL." When we watch anime, sometime it deals with our emotions, It also depends on the plot of the story. Whenever we try to discover a new anime. We try to see what we aim for the most but it depends on what we feel inside.
3- HIDDEN MEANING OF THE STORY... Some of us really watch the anime but don't know the hidden meaning between the silver line. If you haven't noticed, Many people who watched Tokyo Ghoul never knew the meaning why Kaneki turned against Antteiku but helped at the end. Many people who watched Naruto Shippuden don't realize Itachi actually saved Sasuke and don't know the main exact reason . Anywho, Some Otaku's and Weeaboo's watch Anime for this exact reason.
Well, that's about it. State your reason why we actually watch anime. Please Like, pin & comment. Peace out Otaku's & Weeaboo's.
The reason I like anime is because they are inspirational. Anime teach good morals and really show all types of human behavior in different situations that regular tv shows cant produce. Ive learned so much from characters that dont even exist. Luffy and Naruto are my biggest inspirations and I really think I wouldnt be the cool guy I am today without anime. #TruOtaku
Personally, I think this world is crap, we live in a really fucked up reality and everyday we have to step out and deal with it. Its all a game and most people don't realize it. But, Anime has given me an escape like nothing has, even if its for a short 20+ minutes of my day, for that moment, I forget how messed up life can be, and its nice. Regardless of how good or bad my day may be, I can count on anime being there to make life better or at least more bearable haha.
@Anime123 How could I forget lol ANIME IS AMAZING!!
well if we do gotta base this on technicalities. like anime sv. tv shows for me anime has more creativity on it plus they show a whole alot emotions note not for all poeple who really tries to understand the whole thing, while we watch anime we get too excited every damn time, i hope anyone feels the same way. and if we get bored on one episode sometimes we accept it, on tv shows. first of all if we get bored we will change the channel automatically, their emotions showing is sometimes really hard to get.
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