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What I'm going to talk about today is characters and what's expected of them, but also your ability to make them be the unexpected. This is my character Huyana it means falling rain. She's an exchange student in Japan that came from America. Though, I've been told that she shouldn't be used because her skin color isn't "Native American." enough. I don't like that. Because not all native Americans are "red." >.> so she should be able to be used just fine. You're character doesn't have to fit stereotypes just to prove that they are what you say they are. Like a child that says a lot of big words. If the child is smart and you're showing that they're smart by mentioning they read a lot, they get good grades, or they do a lot of critical thinking etc etc; Why should you have to do what's always expected? They're characters they're meant to be made fun, and original, and they're meant to be different. Don't worry about making them exactly like real people. Then they'd be to real, and real people are shitty.
Funny, but true. I'm Native American with very pale skin, more pale than some Caucasians. I have no Caucasian in my bloodline at all, but I am very light skinned
Oh ok still it looks good to whoever drew it!
@KiraHitomi did you draw her?
Yes they are quite amazing
No I didn't. She's just a character reference picture