I'm making this for @LAVONYORK's Wait.....what? collection. You know, sometimes you see something really off that makes you do a double-take. Something that isn't the way it's supposed to be or something kind of ironic. Like a police officer carrying a pig. Maybe it's my attention to detail or maybe it's my writer's sardonic sense of humor, but it seems like I see this stuff everywhere. Thanks to my handy-dandy smartphone, I can share these little gems!
Thanksgiving deals make me immeasurably thankful! I found this offer at IGA...unfortunately, they didn't honor it. Gave me the wrong kind of pork entirely!
Advanced Auto needs remedial automotive lessons...you can NOT pour a filter into your vehicle, it's just doesn't work that way!
We couldn't find the Beatles anywhere at Space Camp! What a rip-off!
Okay, I live in the South and all...but, seriously?! I'm pretty sure nobody's looking to beat his meat!
Admittedly, the tree is at the bottom of a hill, and they nailed it to the tree when the road was flooded....25 years ago. But you'd think someone would have taken it down after the water subsided.
I couldn't help myself...he had the perfect look on his face, and there were just too many misshapen yellow M&Ms. Easter....fertility....it works.
You probably would save quite a bit more than $600....ijs.
The South strikes again.
@BeannachtOraibh LOL I love where this conversation is going.
@danidee is pork not a common slang term for sex? I honestly thought it was more widespread.
@BeannachtOraibh You can't be more than 25!
@buddyesd Yeah, I'm old. Thanks! 馃槢
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