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ARMYs should totally have a National 'N.O' Day, where we do this XD
Like half the time, everyone's goofing off and making us laugh while they laugh or do some weird things behind the camera, and you can't help but love them even more ~ ♡♡♡
oh and this one is my personal fav out of these three memes I made because it looks professional {jk, lol not}. But it's ok. Whenever you're sad, just remember Jungkook, and how he's always loves GD, and pretend you're GD {if you can because GD is a god}
Here's a little somethin-somethin for those looking for a chuckle, giggle, or even a laugh. ♢ May I introduce: Laugh Mon ♧ So go on, Laugh Mon, Laugh. :)