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Lol, Dumb plan Deadpool it's all good. Did you get the Memo that Tony Stark does not think through all his plans and it works! (with the backing of Captain America sometimes but The Punisher can do good too lol) btw Wade ♥ you have a potty mouth . ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× So Wade I'm not mad at you you have The Punisher with you so you might be good!
Urgh he looks angry Good luck boys! L A Von Dangerous
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@AimeeH @LAVONYORK lol I don't wanna steal anybody's man XD XD XD
@shannonl5 Haha XD
@AimeeH those relationships are sacred :D
XD yeasssss!! We're vigilante spouses We're gonna kick ass and take names after my graduation friday!
@AimeeH YESSSSS omg I hope you headline your own comic with him some day :D