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So I was so excited to watch the MAMA awards that start in a few hours from now.......but turns out my 엄마 wont let me stay up.....typical argument since I live under her roof I have to follow her rules....blah I soooo wanted to watch it! So if anyone could like record the awards for me??? I just really want to see seventeen, monsta x and bts!!!! Like the red carpet performance and their actual performances of the show!!!! Please may you help me!! @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @krin and any other fellow Army....tag if you know any other Army who is watching
@ARMYStarlight I'm sorry that sucks!! It's just the red carpet right now!!
I am only watching it through my phone unfortunately but I'm sure You Tube will have it up ASAP.
ahh thanks i just tried sneaking but dumb internet connection doesnt let me @krin
ahhh i feel you ehhh
@ARMYStarlight I have a English essay exam for tomorrow and I can't stay up too >~<
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