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We finally have our winners from the very first Sports community's challenge! Just in case you guys have missed it, check out this card ------> [VOTE] Warriors or 76ers?

"The Undefeated Warriors vs The Winless 76ers"

Well, we finally have our winners today after a couple of rounds!

The winners of this challenge are...

Congratulations guys! The 76ers beat Kobe and the Lakers 103-91 and earned their first win of the season!

The 76ers are now 1-18!

Well these fellas deserve a GG! Shoutout to the Vinglers who thought the Warriors will lose a game first before the 76ers won a game!

The Warriors are still undefeated!

Well sports fans, stay tuned for more challenges in the Sports community and some live game discussion cards!

@GinnaL13 What's your choice?
@GinnaL13 A new challenge is up if you want to participate ------->
i will do my best next time!
@ButterflyBlu Yeah especially because it was Kobe's last game in Philadelphia where he attended high school!
Man. I just keep thinking about the Lakers, right?! Seriously. I would not be excited right now to be beaten by the 76ers. >.< OUCH.
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